Successful Real Change

Why do change initiatives fail so frequently?

Change initiatives in organizations fail 70 percent of the time.

Come here to learn how to really introduce changes successfully.

Have you seen a change being introduced, such as a new ERM system or a manufacturing improvement? Did the change achieve the expected or desired benefits? Often they don’t. But in some cases the gains are striking; everything wanted was achieved and more. What was the difference?

It seems like everyone and his brother can tell you how to successfully introduce change. I just went to and searched for Change Management. At the top of the list it reported: 1-16 of 30,523 results for “Change Management in Books.” So why do we need another book?

Because with all of these books, changes still frequently fail.

Because managers don’t use the tools in all of these books.

Because their own personal characteristics get in their way!

I have not found this discussed in the books I have seen. Now, Lead Change without Fear tells you more about why this happens, what you can do for yourself, and actually how to do what is recommended. It helps us to make change really pay off. If you are ready, get the book Lead Change without Fear—Using the YES I AM Solution from Amazon. Or read on.

How did an electronics engineer get into this area? It came as a surprise. And there is more.

I have identified seven types of managers who might want to use the tools. Here is the start of the list.

You can be among the successful leaders. You will learn the acronym YES I AM and how to use it. To get the whole story and help actually using the tools, get the book: Lead Change without Fear—Using the YES I AM Solution from Amazon.

In this book you will learn more about those situations and, more importantly, how you can actually be comfortable with using these tools and being among the successful!